Little black shorts


Last night, my younger sister asked to borrow a pair of running shorts. As I looked through my drawer of workout gear, I realized that I have a lot of running shorts that I never use. I tend to stick to my stretchy capris or pants, especially if I’m going to the gym. It was then that I found a pair of tight yet roomy (it’s a miracle, really) black shorts that I ended up wearing to bed and am now in love with.

This morning, I decided to look through my SL inventories to see if I have anything spectacular hidden away in there. I found a lot of things in Lisie’s inventory, but sadly, they were not transferrable. So I made a list! Most of the things weren’t new enough to justify buying on Nadia, but I got a good bit of shopping done anyway.

Oh and the one thing I found in Nadia’s inventory was a spectacular avocado face mask. It’s part of a cute set from cheLLe that includes 4 flavors of face mask and tons of fruit/veggie slices for your eyes.

It actually inspired my inventory organizing and spa day!

Spa day!

Here I am standing in Strawberry Singh’s free pose studio after a long day of organizing and cleansing. Now it’s time to make lemonade and do some homework in my little black shorts.


Photo credits ~

Skin: *League* Jen Medium   Hair: (epoque hair) Tied Up   Eyes: [:T:] spotlight eyes :: green   Jacket: Emery – Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood True Blue   Shirt: Gawk! White Glitter Lips T-Shirt

The face mask and photo studio are linked in the post. 🙂



It has been a while, blog universe. I figured I’d take a short break while my computer figured out its issues enough to allow me back into SL. It took a lot longer than expected, and in the end, I owed an apology to my poor laptop. The culprit was my router. Oops! Anyway, although I still haven’t gotten back into the swing of things, I owe a post to the blog. I thought I’d talk about real life for a change.

The reason why I have the topic on my mind is Plurk. In my absence from Second Life, I’ve still been going on my Plurk, talking every so often or just lurking on most days. Despite wanting to make connections with people and wanting to share, I’m still a relative stranger there. Often, when I see others posting photos or chatting about their day-to-day lives, I type up a response and delete it immediately because I realize, “Wait… I can’t say that. What if I give too much away?” I have a paranoid fear that someone I know is on Plurk or in SL and will figure out who I am and connect the dots for whatever sensitive information I’ve given away.

Note: I probably sound a bit crazy, so if you think I am, it’s okay. Rest assured that I am not a criminal of any kind. I’m just living a life that is not conventional by any stretch of the word.

It’s funny that I’m worried about living a double life when I’m playing Second Life. I mean, duh. I am. I’d prefer to have the worlds mesh, like I see for many of the SLers I know, but it’s just not a good idea right now.

I really don’t know where this post is going or if it makes any sense after everything I edited out, but I feel better having written it. Maybe something more cohesive will come together on another day. Another day, another post.

Seven seven seven

I’ve got to get used to doing these blog challenges and memes! I have no excuse not to write if someone else is coming up with the ideas for me, after all.

So I’m starting off with Strawberry Singh‘s Seven SL Facts. Sans photo, as I’m feeling rather lazy tonight. Oops.

My SL Fact #1: Lisie isn’t my first avatar; she is the first I made once I became a legal adult. I actually began using Second Life in 2009, way before I was 18 and before teens were even allowed in SL. I played around briefly, then I settled into a pattern of coming and going every couple of weeks and then eventually months. More and more of my original friends left after every hiatus, and eventually I was just running around exploring sims on my own and doing odd jobs for L$ to satiate my need to dress up nicely while doing it. By the time I came back as Lisie, SL was an unfamiliar place to me, so in every way, I feel like she’s my new start.

My SL Fact #2: Any time I receive a notecard, whether it’s from a friend or store or group I’m in, I have to edit it for spelling and grammar. Sometimes I even edit the format so that everything’s consistent and clean-looking.

My SL Fact #3: I never delete calling cards because I want to remember all of the people I’ve met in SL that I’ve liked enough to put on my Friends list.

My SL Fact #4: I love clubs. Irritating as they can sometimes be, I love setting my avatar on a pretty dance animation and settling in to IM with whoever’s in the room. I enjoy meeting strangers, and clubs are the best places for me because I rarely find anyone I’ll talk to twice.

My SL Fact #5: I would really like to explore the family side of SL, which leads into my next fact…

My SL Fact #6: I’ve used dating agencies with Lisie before. It’s not that I need to be with someone to be happy or that I’d ever want it to evolve into anything outside of Second Life, but I see other couples and think it’d be so nice to share my SLife with someone I can consider my best friend.

My SL Fact #7: My favorite thing about SL is that I can be whoever I want from day to day. I can be a ballerina one day, a prim and proper lady the next, and then perhaps a leather-clad biker babe the day after that. There is almost no limit to what I can do with Lisie, and that’s exciting and what keeps me coming back.

What a hodgepodge of facts. They may not be too exciting or scandalous, but there they are. Now I’m going to some Arcade yard sales for some retail therapy and fun. Yay!

Why do I blog?

I’ve asked myself this question a number of times, usually when I’m thinking about the fact that the last time I posted anything was November 13th.

I guess after all the thinking and wondering and poking around in my head, the answer is that every once in a while, I need an outlet.

Of course, I could just type up all of my thoughts in a Word document, save it in some deep-hidden folder of my laptop, and forget about it until the next time I get the urge to write. Isn’t that something people recommend to get stray thoughts out?

Though if I did hide it away or delete it, what would be the point? That wouldn’t be therapeutic for me. It’d be like cheating. I prefer to have my ramblings somewhere I can’t forget about them and where I can re-read them in the future.

Someday I may even need a moment’s wisdom to guide me. How about that? That’s marvelous.

Okay, great! I’ve justified keeping my terribly boring blog up in public space for another day. I’m going to The Arcade to celebrate.


Who says breaking a shopping habit is easy?

In my defense, Whippet & Buck seems to be having a sale because most clothes are only L$50. I did a lot of my shopping there last week, but I love the Cole Boatneck Top so much that I had to get another color.

All in all, I think it was a success. I only bought one shirt!

Taking on a new path

As I was finishing up a chapter of Confessions of a Shopaholic last night, I realized something I had previously ignored. I have enjoyed the book tremendously, and it was this chapter that made it obvious why. The main character, Rebecca, was someone I could strongly relate to. Sure, she’s got her flaws, and I can’t say I’m entirely proud every time I sigh and think, “I feel exactly the same way.” But to relate to her was the first step towards guiding myself away from the path she followed. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie based on it, I won’t spoil you, but let’s just say it has to do with the inevitable debt that comes with being a shopaholic.

I’ve been in Second Life for a while, despite what Lisie’s birth date says. Although I’ve only just come back for a second go at playing, it didn’t take me long to fall into old habits. You see, when I created my first avatar, I discovered the world of fashion and content creating early. Back then, I didn’t have the means to funnel real money into SL, but I scoured the freebie blogs and worked odd jobs for the L$ to buy a dress or a hair pack here and there. And wow! All of these new creations, so much nicer and more detailed than when I started playing, called my name from the day I teleported into an old favorite shop. I was hooked.

So, in a relatively short amount of time, I blew through all of the money I had saved and abandoned on my old avatar (once I managed to log in with the right password) and then some that I bought. Thousands of L$ were spent in a frenzy to catch Lisie up with the latest creations and make her pretty. When I was done with my first few shopping sprees, I even bought some L$ just in case I spotted anything I liked on an exploration.

In reading my book and subsequently deciding to re-watch the movie, it hit me that I was a Rebecca. I looked at my bank statement (having avoided it before and automatically deleting the receipt emails I got from Paypal) and recoiled at how much had gone to SL. It seemed that I had spent more than I thought I had. I mean, it’s virtual clothing! It couldn’t possibly have taken out such a big chunk. It had to be a mistake. But no, I counted it up. It was correct.

Everything I bought was 100% worth what it cost, of course. It was just that I had overestimated how much I could afford to purchase. I’m a student with no job and tuition payments coming that I’ve somehow got to fund, in addition to the books and lab materials and whatever else.

Guess who’s going back to the freebie blogs! This one, this girl here. And that’s okay. I’ve been around a couple of my old favorites already, and the generosity of designers in SL prevails. It’ll be a bit difficult resisting, but this is my confession and my promise to reform myself before I have the chance to transfer my shopping mania to real life.

Help me?